Kingsman ZCVRB3622 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Kingsman ZCVRB3622 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

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Shine new light into life with the Kingsman ZCVRB3622 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace - 36 inch. It comes standard with decorative bronze glass which allows you to create a contemporary fire display that enhances the ambiance your room.

The Kingsman ZCVRB3622 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace’s millivolt valve system does not use electricity, but has a standing pilot which allows operation during a power failure with hi-low heat and flame adjustment. The intermittent pilot ignition is electronic and uses an electrode to ignite the pilot. The IPI system ensures the pilot flame extends over the burner for instant ignition and it conserves energy when the appliance is not in operation. This fireplace has a flame sensor that continuously monitors the pilot flame and provides 100% gas shut off if the pilot is not sensed, offering safety and reliability throughout your fireplace operation. Operate your Kingsman fireplace with ease by purchasing a remote. The recommended thermostatic remote allows you to set the temperature in your hearth room from the comfort of your seat.

Type:Direct Vent
Fuel Type:Natural Gas | Propane
Venting Type:Direct Vent
Certification:ANSI Certified
Ignition:Intermittent Pilot Ignition | Millivolt
Color Family:Black
Overall Width:36"
Overall Depth:18"
Overall Height:37 1/8"
Heat Output:17,500 BTUs
Viewing Width:29 3/4"
Viewing Height:16 1/8"
Venting Diameter:4" inner | 7" outer
Assembly Required:Required
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